The Liner: pool coating and waterproofing

In Laineblock we made a wide range of liners using the latest technology, typical of specialized industrial sewing plastic tissue. During their manufacture advanced technology is used as the liner welding high frequency and cutting plotters allow greater product reliability and increase the speed of the pattern designed in 3D.

Industrial clothing as Liner
To ensure the accurate preparation liner, Laineblock allows liner ordering once made the pool structure without long waits. In just four days Laineblock manufactures as any of the 28 different liner designs  available.

El Liner Laineblock ofrece:

- Revestimiento estanco de PVC para la piscina.
- Solución a las pérdidas de agua al evitarse rajas o fugas.
- Resistencia a los productos químicos.
- Instalación rápida y simple.